Last week, a reader asked about how to strength train when equipment like dumbbells or weights aren’t available. As promised, I’ve created a mini Total Body Challenge that anyone can complete at home. All you need is your own body and a kick-butt attitude! (Oh, and water is good too!)
Here are the rules:
1. Try to complete this twice, taking breaks between sets and any additional rest where needed.
2. If you do have dumbbells or weights available, and you feel comfortable completing each move with added weight, go for it!
3. Go at your own pace. If 15 reps is too many for you, do 8. If 1 minute is too long, aim for 30 seconds. Pay attention to your body and do what you can.
4. Have fun and break a sweat. No one said this was supposed to be easy!
Here are links to examples of how to do each exercise:
- Seated Dips (You can use a low chair, table, box, etc. for these)
- Push ups
- Burpees (Instead of a shoulder press, jump all the way up with your arms in the air when you come up)
- Walking Lunges
- Side Lunges (Can be done with or without rotation)
- Squat Jumps
- Single-Arm Plank Rows
- Plank Walks
- Toe Touches (For an added challenge here, raise and lower your legs at the same time)
- Plank
- Russian Twists
After you finish, leave a comment and let me know how long it took you to complete this twice! Are you up for the challenge?

yeahmileage: Strength workout for the day


I decided to skip the gym because I had a bunch of groceries that needed to go away, and I just didn’t feel like going. However, I did do strength anyway at home. I came up with a workout just off the top of my head, and it worked out great. It was 20 minutes, it got me sweating right away, got my…

Home Work Out


40 jumping jacks.

30 crunches
20 squats
10 push ups

(push ups for two mins)
(sit ups for 5 mins)

walk on the spot for one min
light jog around the room for one min
jumping jacks (as many as you can do this time ) in one min

Currently inspired by….

My followers may have noticed a sudden upswing in posting pictures of hikes, trails, canyons and mountains. This is because I’m taking a cross-country road trip this summer through Colorado, Utah, Arizona and finally up California to San Francisco, where I’m relocating permanently :) I’m so, so, so excited and I want to be able to hike every trail I come to in order to fully appreciate the beauty of this amazing nature I’ve never experienced. My fear is that at 195 lbs and in the worst shape of my short little life, I won’t be able to enjoy myself as much as I’d like because I’ll be too busy being tired or exhausted during the hikes. I’m also taking a 2 week trip to Europe shortly before my road trip which will help me tone up with nearly constant walking, but it’s not enough. There are hikes here but not many mountains for me to run up  from now until July. So I’m challenging myself to get in good hiking shape. If I get too tired to complete Angel’s Landing, I’m going to be so incredibly dissapointed in myself. 

Today I was feeling sort of sick (residual from the world’s worst hangover on Friday, I’m sure) and was waffling around and too lazy to go to the gym. So I put on my Workout Mix on Pandora (love) and some shorts and just started sort of … sporadically jumping around my apartment rhythmically? Haha. I just combined all of the gym workouts I knew by heart that didn’t require equipment and when I was trying to think of something else, I jumped around. We’ll see if I’m sore tomorrow, but at least I worked up a sweat and kept my heart rate up for over 30 minutes straight. Even though the gym is only about a mile away on campus, on those days I decide I’m too tired/lazy to make it, I might be able to get away with doing something like this. 

I’m going to Miami in 2 weeks and I want to be in the 180’s by then. 189 even would make me happy. There’s absolutely no reason I can’t make that goal.


I spent the last three days camping at Mount Diablo State Park. It was amazing.


P1030348 by pboehi on Flickr.